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Male infertility or the inability for a man to have child is on the rise in India. The reasons for this condition can include various things including hormonal imbalance, reduction of sperm count, testicular injuries, obesity and bad lifestyle choices like abuse of drugs, excessive intake of alcohol and unhealthy eating habits.

But basic cause of infertility in men is due to oligospermia or azoospermia
Oligospermia :
Oligospermia defined as less number of sperm in the ejaculate of the male. Achieving a pregnancy naturally may be a challenge if the male suffers from a low sperm count. Oligospermia, Oligospermaesthenia (Poor Sperm Motility), oligoasthenospermia and Oligoasthenoteratospermia are the most common type in male. In these condition 1st diagnose the problem but analysis semen and will guidance you what is then actual condition.

We at Dr Grover’s Clinic specialize give the consultation in male infertility.

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